Going Bush: The Cape Banks Walk and Henry Head

“Where the hell should I go this weekend?!” You’re probably thinking this around about every Wednesday or Thursday, right? Ain’t nobody got time to organise some great getaway when you’re stressed-out, suffocated by work shirts, stupid meetings and frustrating colleagues….or do you?

Well, if you’re a Sydneysider and this situation is ringing a bell, I’ve got a great little solution to satisfy your aching wander-lusting heart: The Cape Banks Trail.

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Respecting the living while honouring the dead: You can do better than plastic

Flowers and water symbolise eternity, life, love and beauty. They are perfect, natural wonders to venerate the dead and honour our ancestors past. But now we face a modern issue when we make offerings to the sea, an issue that flies in the face of the respect we intend to give…

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