Wanderlust? WanderMUST! On Why Travel is Important

This post is dedicated to all the once-a-year holidayers, the parents, the mortgage payers with a trip planned 10 years from now and the office workers fused into sitting positions from being stuck for years at desks.
There are five main reasons that travel is critical to your mental, spiritual, social, emotional and physical health. Let me show you some perspectives that will help you prioritise travel in your life.
You owe it to yourself to wander far and wander often…

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Letting it go: How to Spring Clean your energy-zapping, identity-warping Emotional Baggage and lighten the hell up

Deciding to face and resolve my emotional baggage over the past decade has been the biggest, scariest adventure I have ever had, but it’s been totally worth it. Read on to see how to ‘call out’ your shit, and cull it, ready for a personal take-off like no other.

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