So you’re stressed hey? Sorry about that. Listen, I need you to do something for me anyway. Sorry to bug, but it’s important. Don’t act so surprised! Some people have more important stuff to do than you, you know. That’s harsh, but hey, it’s the truth. Suck it up.

Yes I know you’re breaking down, I’m not stupid, I can see you’re depressed, I’m not blind after all, but surely you’ve a minute for me, for what I need? You’re my friend!

Thanks. Great.

Ok, what I really need you to do is …let me know what colour the sky is.

Yes, the sky, the one outside.

Yes, I know I can go and check myself, but I really need you to do it for me.

Yes, I know I’m right next to the window but you can’t get the right colour that way. I need you to go outside. Look up for me.

And another thing…don’t just tell me it’s blue, or black or grey with white spots…I need you to REALLY have a good look and know for sure what colour it is.

I won’t accept “it’s blue”. That’s a crappy answer. Try to do a good job for once will you!?

I want you to do better than that. Look at it for long enough to see the little details. I need the DETAILS. Don’t be vague. See how the wind moves things around in front of it. You know what I mean, see if it changes colour, even slightly. Report back only when you absolutely, positively, in great detail, can tell me what colour the sky is. What type of blue is it? How dark or light are the clouds? Are there planes?

See if there are birds too, I like birds.

Is that it? Of course not! Pfft! I’m busy, there’s lots to do and you should do them. You’re a good mate.

After that, I need you to go for a walk and also tell me what colour the sky is a kilometre from here. Same as before, in detail. Otherwise it’s useless info. By the time you’ve done it first just outside, here, you’ll get the hang of it, surely. You’d be an idiot if you don’t, and you’re not an idiot, are you?

So, just so we’re clear…Go outside. Look up. Keep looking up. Watch what the sky is doing and notice it’s colour. Really focus. Then, look forward and kind of up, keep walking outside for a kilometre,  whatever direction, and look up again there. Hell! I don’t care if you lay down so you can get a better view! Whatever, I’m not fussed. Just get me what I need.

When, and only when you really understand what colour the sky is, and you come back here to share it with me.
Oh! I nearly forgot. A third thing. When you come back … thank ME. Yes, you heard me. YOU can thank ME.

…for I just taught you the best way to make all those stresses disappear x

Posted by:cynthiac

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