Coogee Christmas Chaos – Where to from here?

Three days have passed since the now infamous ‘Coogee Beachside Rave’ revved up and wound down, leaving in its wake a thick slimy layer of beer bottles, plastic bags, plastic cups, broken glass, urine, vomit and ‘nangs’ (nitrous oxide whipped cream canisters). The sand was left whiffy with alcohol, soft drink, mushy food, disintegrating beer cartons and I estimate, at least 50,000 empty glass beer bottles, a good 10% broken.
I’m in an interesting position in amongst this mess, pun intended. I’ve talked to lots of people the past few days…pretty much a representative of every character in this drama.

I’ve spoken to the DJ, the partygoers, the backpackers. I’ve sat with the locals, environmental groups and news reporters. I’ve witnessed the council cleanup crew in the dead of night. I spoke to their on-site manager in person, standing there in amongst the garbage at 1 o’clock am on Boxing Day. I’ve watched (and know) the Surf Life Saving Club governor on the news, and have followed the Randwick City Council’s actions closely.

Here’s what I have learnt since, from actually chatting to, and observing, all involved…and my suggestions for a more sophisticated solution than a summer-long no-alcohol ban in Coogee.

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Letting it go: How to Spring Clean your energy-zapping, identity-warping Emotional Baggage and lighten the hell up

Deciding to face and resolve my emotional baggage over the past decade has been the biggest, scariest adventure I have ever had, but it’s been totally worth it. Read on to see how to ‘call out’ your shit, and cull it, ready for a personal take-off like no other.

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A Life of Balance: An intro, a welcome and the back story of cyncoco.

Hi there reader! Welcome to cyncoco, a blog that dives into life, career, travel, creativity, mental health, social impact and the environment. Lots of subjects, true, but they are all tied together with one theme: Balance. The point of every cyncoco post is to show you ways to achieve a balance between the ‘work, rest and play’…

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