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Welcome to cyncoco, a blog that dives into life, career, travel, creativity, mental health, social impact and the environment. Lots of subjects, true, but they are all tied together with one theme:


The point of every cyncoco post is to show you ways to achieve a balance between the ‘work, rest and play’ of your day-to-day. I hope some posts resonate with you and from them, you can make your own positive change to your life…after all, you’ve only got one of them!


Life isn’t always peachy…

I am writing this blog because the theme of ‘balance’ has been screaming for me to take notice lately. I’m a mid-thirties woman that lives in an amazing city and have a great support network that I nurture in return. I’m like a lot of other people; you could even say I’m more blessed than most to have more resources, education, friends, family and plain ol’ luck than many others. I worked hard, really hard, in good jobs for just under 20 years of my life. So to strangers, onlookers and acquaintances, my life looks pretty damn peachy, much like this:

Looking peachy. (Feeling rotten.)

Inside my own head, though, I was overworked, panicked, sleep deprived, and totally unbalanced.

I experienced a complete and utter burnout that lasted six months. (It nearly killed me, a few times.)

My depression became severe; suicidal thoughts crept in during times of desperate exhaustion. Every other moment was spent either squeezing my adrenals for all their worth, getting more and more done, or having panic attacks and anxiety spirals until I cried, shook and slumped onto the closest horizontal surface. Once, this was the kitchen table at work. Not a good look.

With the help of others (that I’ll mention throughout this blog), I rekindled a pact I made with myself 15 years ago and made massive changes. My job was ridiculously stressful and took up all my time. It was ruining my health so I flipped my priorities completely. I quit my job. I changed my way of life so my first thoughts every morning were for peace for my mind and vitality for my body, before anything else. This took some getting used to…

I’ve started a career change where my ongoing goal is a balance between work, creativity, and health. This blog is part of that…actually, for me, it’s all these things together.

How this blog can help you

I’ve gone through SO much thinking and research and talking and workshops and have gained so many insights. Some hard truths too. Let me share them with you! I want to hold a mirror up to your life so you can see – clear as crystal – where stress is scrambling up your current lifestyle, and how to get working on building a joyful future.

So, enjoy your time here! You can sort through the categories LIFE, CAREER & WORK, HEALTH, ENVIRONMENT, HERO HUMANS, TRAVEL and RANDOM to find all sorts of interesting stuff.



Join in on the exercises and journaling activities!

Get out there and make change…or don’t! Up to you 🙂

If something on cyncoco strikes a chord with you, bookmark it, like it, share it and be sure to let me know in the comments!

I will be sharing personal stories, researched articles, travel tales, how-to’s and more. All of them will bring you a bit closer to freeing you from all the crap, so we can live the good life.

Huge love, and balance,

Cyn x

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